FAQs on Outsourcing Financial Services

1. How does the outsourcing of financial services actually work?

At AccountsAid,  we have three unique ways by which you can send us the documents. You can choose the accounting process which best suits your organization.

a. Server-based system

You could scan and upload source documents to a secured FTP server.

You email the FTP details or share to our email address to us along with the back-up file of the accounting software.

We update your books and upload them back to the server.

Alternative, you can use online storage services such as google drive, dropbox, box.com etc and share your information with us.

b. Remote-access system

You place source documents in your own computer.

We map a drive from your computer in our local computer using a secured VPN after you allow us and provide necessary technical information and update your books.

You can then access the updated books from your own computer.

c. Using basic method

Simply using email to transfer files is a basic method.

2. What are some of the financial software that you work with?

At ACCOUNTSAID, we have a financial services team who is proficient and well-trained at using the latest software available in the financial market.

Payroll Processing Software: Sage payroll , IRIS payroll Quickbooks (Intuit) payroll

Tax Return Processing: IRIS personal tax, IRIS Business Tax, IRIS Trust tax, Sage Personal Tax, Sage Business tax, Sage Partnership Tax etc.

Accounts Receivable Software: QuickBooks, M.Y.O.B etc.

Bookkeeping Services Software: MYOB, SAGE, QuickBooks (All versions), IRIS etc

In case your organization is using a different financial software, we have the skill and expertise to learn the software that you are using and employ it effectively for your financial services.

3. What are the benefits of outsourcing financial services?

You can give your organization a competitive advantage by outsourcing financial services. Apart from saving on costs and increasing your profits, you can also save on time, effort, expensive software and resources. By outsourcing financial services, you can get access to skilled and expert services.

4. What is the skill level of your financial services team?

At ACCOUNTSAID, we recruit only the best. We have skilled and well-trained accountants. We also have a qualified team of UK trained chartered certified accountants who head the financial services teams at ACCOUNTSAID. Our financial services team is well trained in all the latest software available in the market. At ACCOUNTSAID, our financial services team is well experienced, since we have been serving a large number of global customers in the area of financial services.

5. How will you facilitate communication between my organization and ACCOUNTSAID?

At ACCOUNTSAID we employ the best in technology, so that we can constantly be in contact with our customers. Our financial services team will be constantly available over phone, e-mail and chat to answer your queries or address your requirements.

6. Will you be able to complete large volumes of work within a fast turnaround time?

Yes. At ACCOUNTSAID, we have the skill and expertise to complete large volumes of work accurately and efficiently within a quick turnaround time. Our fast turnaround time and our competent services are some of the benefits that we offer our financial services customers.

7. Will there be any loss of data?

No. When you outsource your financial services to ACCOUNTSAID, you can be totally assured that none of your data will be lost. We take regular backups of your data and hence there will be no loss of your data.

8. Do you employ security measures?

At ACCOUNTSAID, we have stringent security measures in place. At the onset of a project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our customer. You can be completely assured of total financial data security and confidentiality when you outsource your financial services to ACCOUNTSAID.

9. Can you tell me more about the infrastructure and technology at ACCOUNTSAID?

At ACCOUNTSAID, we have world-class infrastructure and high-end technology to help us deliver cutting-edge financial solutions to our UK customers.

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